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Hi. I’m Karen Gardiner, and ArtfulShe is where I share the creative side of my life. From here you can take a peek into my Artful world by visiting any of these beautiful websites:

  • At ArtfulTea you’ll be treated to a creative mix of exceptional loose leaf teas and tea accessories.
  • At ArtfulShe you’ll find my quirky assemblage angels as well as my other handmade adornments.
  • You can follow my creative process and the inspirations and experiences that influence me at the ArtfulShe blog.
  • Anidar will take you on a little trip back in time where you can browse vintage finds – including antique china, glassware, silver, linens, jewelry, and just plain good old stuff.
  • And ADifferentWholeness is where I first blogged about my journey with colorectal cancer and continue to post updates related to health.

Thank you so much for stopping by ArtfulShe and for allowing me to share a bit of my creative life with you. Here’s hoping you’re having an Artful day!

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